Trish Taylor Thompson – Visual Artist

Painting in vibrant colours with the freedom of abstraction in tandem with the discipline of photorealism, Trish Taylor Thompson creates unique images that vibrate with life, energy and colour. Using a variety of media, she is inspired by the world of nature and music. Themes associated with ‘memento mori’ reflecting mortality and fragility are often evident in her work where the transience of life and the importance of remembering are revered. Carpe Diem.

cropped-it0a9168.jpgTrish Taylor Thompson’s exhibition ’45 for Valour’┬áis currently housed in the Limerick Civic Trust office in the former Bishop’s Palace, Church Street, Limerick. This seminal work honours the forty-five soldiers of Irish descent who were awarded the Victoria Cross for their bravery and heroism during the Great War. Through the motif of the common poppy, this body of work explores the importance of remembering. The forty-five paintings, oil on linen, are a memorial to those who fought for our freedom. The work will be on permanent display in the Limerick Military Museum when it opens in 2020. Click here to learn more.